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Diamond in The Rough
“From average looking properties
to above average payoffs”

In a competitive real estate market, it's important to look for the diamond in the rough. That's why when Veronica came across these properties she knew they had potential, and decided to work some magic.

With a carefully crafted vision and selling strategy in place Veronica and her team helped transform these average looking properties into above average payoffs. Here's a sneak peek behind the scenes into how she did it.

Before: Busted and Broken

With a new microwave and alot of clean & polish Veronica and her team added a few finishing touches that gave this kitchen a facelift that sparkles.

After: Warm and Welcoming

Out with the country cozy & make room for urban sleek


With freshly painted walls and chic new furnishings Veronica & her team transformed the space into a sophisticated living space.


Out with the country cozy & make room for urban sleek

Before: Cluttered and Heavy

Large bulky gets replaced with more modern pieces that help create space.

After: Airy and Clear

This unit sparkles with sunshine! With fresh paint, alittle polish, and furniture in place the buyers can now see the best use of the space for today's modern lifestyle.

Finished and Ready to Sell

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